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A Weekend Escape


Photographed by Bonnie Macleod

We’re not immune to the benefits of a weekend break. A chance to hit pause on the urban lifestyle, reclaim the hours to yourself, and be fully recharged come Monday. For my partner and I, this means a retreat to the Japanese countryside. We found a hideaway an hour and a half away from Tokyo where we’re surrounded by a view of endless blue waters framed by the shadow of Fuji in the distance, overgrown bamboo and fruit-bearing trees, and precious neighbors who share our mindset and taste for the slow life.

Weekends like this are spent completely unplugged. Instead, the agenda is filled with some reading, gardening, at-home facials (I multi-mask using the Skin Mud, wash it off, and immediately layer the Paradisi Mist and Magic Drops to seal the moisture in the skin), and road trips for a bout of eco-therapy among the trees. Indoor spaces are punctuated by the scent of incense or sage while meals are served with flowers and herbs culled from the neighbor’s garden. We fill our lungs with the salty air, heave a collective sigh of relief, and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Here, images of a weekend reprieve captured by Australian stylist Bonnie Macleod. Here’s hoping it gives you enough of an inspiration to refuel yourself the next time you’ve got that gap in your calendar. Enjoy!

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