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The Summer Edit


Photographed by Kristine Lo

Now that bags are packed with copious amounts of SPF and pieces to wear by the pool and sea, we’re ready for a couple of weeks spent on lazy afternoon strolls and lengthy dinners lit only by the moon for the summer holidays we have planned between Sri Lanka and Bali. If recent days in Tokyo taught us anything, it’s that there are still more hot and humid days ahead of us – a strict audit of the potions we’re packing is a must.

This season, with the sun keeping sweat glands on overdrive, nothing feels more refreshing than embracing our skin in its most natural state. Let’s start the conversation with face mists – the Paradisi Mist is one to tote on the go. When you need something effective at hydrating yet light enough not to feel suffocating, this one fits the bill. As a bonus, it leaves a subtle summer glow on the skin to enhance a natural flush. The other MVP on a 40-degree day is the multi-tasking Little Wonder balm. As an after-sun care to soothe angry burnt skin, it does, well, wonders. It soothes and calms, and is best used after a quick cooling shower. To use as a glossy highlighter, dab it on bare legs and shoulders and watch it give your tan a sheeny boost under the moonlight.

Here, eternal summer girl Katrina Razon (one of the forces behind the sustainable art and music festival Wonderfruit and 10,000 new mangrove trees planted in Southeast Asia), captured by one of our favorite lenswomen Kristine Lo, gives her take of the perfect summer edit. Take her cue for the ideal capsule content – breathable linens in shades of terracota and earthenware, a sun-proof straw hat, our handy Escape Set and your camera of choice will travel well no matter the destination. Enjoy!


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