Made by hand

Spice Coffee


Photographed by Giselle Go

Here is a way to drink and enjoy the taste of coffee, without the bad effects of adding dairy milk. It’s very easy to make; replace dairy with almond milk or any vegetal milk of your preference, add it to ground coffee and spike it with a surprise element: Cardamom.

I have always been a big fan of this little pod, with such a great scent that has a hint of mint, lemon, and smokiness to it. First surprise is that it belongs to the ginger family. And while it goes well with food, the second surprise is that it pairs well with sweets and drinks, especially in the Scandinavian region where it was introduced more than a thousand years ago by the Vikings. It’s also the same spice which gives our Paradisi Mist that subtle fragrance of the exotic.

Back to the coffee: What I do is mix one liter of milk with 2-3 tablespoons of ground coffee (a strong one, if possible), 2 sticks of fresh cinnamon from Sri Lanka (This is a must. The Chinese variety is for a different use and is less good with this recipe. It’s easy to spot Sri Lankan cinnamon, the wood is especially thin and easy to break.), 7-8 cardamom pods (you have to crush them and free the small black seeds inside). You can also add some black pepper corns to taste (I like to use around 10 pieces for this recipe). The same with sugar – add to your taste.

It’s a comforting beverage at this time of the year especially when we’re by the sea on weekends or when we entertain guests at home. Pair it with a small pastry, a book, some reggae, and enjoy the weekend.

Best way to enjoy spice coffee – wintertime by the sea.


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