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Photographed by Giselle Go and Philippe Terrien

Snapshots from our summer spent in the south of Italy.

Puglia, fondly referred to as the heel of Italy’s boot, is one of the country’s hidden prized gems that regulars will be hesitant to divulge. With its wild mix of vegetation (cacti and palm trees are a usual sight), local artisans perfecting their linens and ceramics, and historic masserias (farmhouses-cum-hotels that usually grow their own produce) restored by some of Italy’s chic aristocrats, Puglia is one of the south’s thankfully less-charted territories, devoid of the usual throng of tourists common to its more famous neighbors like Sicily or Naples.

We spent a week filled with carefree summer days in Otranto, a town located in the province of Lecce, Puglia. From Milan, we took a flight to Brindisi and drove the hour-and-a-half stretch from the airport to Otranto. We stayed at the elegant Masseria Prosperi, run by the welcoming Mercedes Prosperi and her family, and spent most of our days bathing in the warm Adriatic sea of the La Lido Castellana, owned by the Capasa (of Costume National fame) brood. The sand was finely textured with the tawny color of wheat, the water so clear and calming it felt like time was at a standstill as we spent hours lounging by the sea.

Dinners are always a family affair in the south of Italy and our stay was no exception – we were either at the masseria with Mercedes and the rest of the houseguests over food made from family recipes, or at the Capasas’ masseria in Castellana, being treated to a buffet overseen by matriarch Zia Capasa, Ennio Capasa’s mother.

Here, some snaps taken with our trusty Canon when we weren’t too busy lounging seaside. If you are planning a visit to Puglia yourself and have any questions about ours, we’ll be happy to answer them in the comments section below!

Trulli houses with their iconic conical roofs dating back to the 19th century.

Picking fresh fruits off trees 

Addicted to the thorny fici d’India cacti fruit!

Idyllic moments spent lounging at Masseria Prosperi

La Lido Castellana

Lucky, possibly the friendliest donkey we ever met

Food made with vegetables grown from the garden.

A walk through the town of Alberobello, Bari, where trulli houses are the norm.


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