Made by hand

DAMDAM x Canaan


Photographs by Canaan Bali

To celebrate the this month’s launch of Makeup Kitchen, we collaborated with artisanal gallery Canaan to create limited-edition handwoven cosmetic cases as an accoutrement to our best-selling Escape Set.

Together with Canaan’s Emmelyn Gunawan, we traveled to Gianyar’s rice fields to visit Bali’s largest natural dye atelier, Tarum, the provenance of our textiles. Named after the local plant that yields the indigo color the workshop is known for, this sustainable enterprise supports a network of 30 local craftspeople and 70 weavers from Bali, Java, and Lombok.

Tarum’s natural indigo pigments are the safe alternative to synthetic dyes, which contain chemicals that contaminate water supply and can cause skin irritations.  Typically, the most vibrant plant color can be extracted from tree roots but at Tarum, dyes are extracted from the leaves and bark of local Indonesian trees. While this makes the dying process more arduous (the process is repeated several times to obtain the same vivid shade that the roots would have given), it saves the lives of the trees and creates a sustainable way of harnessing plant color.

Here, images from our visit at the atelier and a peek at what goes into the creation of our textiles. Our Escape Set fits perfectly inside this zipperless pouch, inspired by the Japanese cloth-folding art of Furoshiki. Enjoy!


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