Studio Damdam

Atelier Tarian


Photographed by Yusa Kanamori

Studio DAMDAM is a series of pop-up events designed to introduce the artisans and makers we love to our community. For the first in the series, we welcomed Paris-based ceramic artist Jeremy Tarian to Tokyo at Pierre Herme’s Heaven in Aoyama. Over a hundred guests were in attendance and were treated to macarons and hand massages using DAMDAM products. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for everyone who came to support us!

Jeremy’s ceramics are made of natural clay sourced from different parts of France, which give its varying hues.Asahi Sasaki, Giselle Go, Philippe Terrien, friend, and Shizuka Okamoto.

Freshly made macarons by Pierre Herme lie side by side with DAMDAM’s natural skincare and Jeremy’s handmade ceramics. Jeremy Tarian, Guillaume Petit, Philippe Terrien, and Jessy Tissot(Left) Nicolas Villeger, Loic Bizel, and Anthony Gourmel. (Right) Kamimura San, Nakagawa San, and friend.

Philippe Terrien, Giselle Go, Jeremy Tarian, and Jessy Tissot.

Hand massages were given using DAMDAM’s Magic Drops Balancing Oil Serum.

Sayo Yoshida, Philippe Terrien, and friend.Jeremy Tarian with Vogue Japan’s Misaki Yamashita and friends.

Friends from the French Embassy with Vogue Japan’s Gene Krell and Nao Krell. Sayo Yoshida. Natural pigments from the different variety of clays used create the marbling pattern.    (Left) Penelope Ours with Philippe Terrien. (Right) Botanical-dyed pouches by AMMA housing DAMDAM products to bring home.

Full house at Pierre Herme’s Heaven in Aoyama.

Special thanks to the team at Pierre Herme for making this evening a success.

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