THE 5 ESCAPE SET (5 Pieces)



  • Why We Love This

    Housed in a clear, airport-ready bag, our Escape Set features your daily skin essentials: The ultimate introduction to our skin-rejuvenating range, it contains all five of our supercharged products in a portable pouch to give your skin its best defense against pollu-aging. Whether you’re on a discovery journey to DAMDAM or a frequent traveler who wants an on-the-go kit, this works both as an escape set and a starter kit to our range. This is your daily regimen in a bag, carrying all the essentials you need to take care of your skin, delivering maximum nutritional and restorative benefits.

    This 100% natural line contains no synthetic ingredients, no generic fillers, or artificial preservatives that counter the products’ efficacy. Each product in this set has a specific purpose and is included for its stand-alone potency. We believe beauty products should contribute to your overall health and well-being, not compromise it.

    HOW TO USE: Begin your skincare regimen with the Nomad’s Cream, rinsing the face thoroughly with this gentle cleanser. Post-cleanse, apply the Paradisi Mist by spritzing it about 10 inches away from the face. Once the mist is absorbed into the skin, move on to press 3-4 drops of Magic Drops into the skin. On days when your skin needs extra nourishment because of late nights or to prep for a special event, apply the Skin Mud after Nomad’s Cream. Rinse the mask off after 5 minutes and continue with the rest of the routine – Paradisi Mist and Magic Drops. Keep the Little Wonder in your purse at all times and apply as needed to dry patches of skin. On flights, the Paradisi Mist will be your BFF – spritz it on when skin feels tight from the dehydrated cabin air.

  • What’s In It

    Nomad’s Cream (35g)
    Essential for on-the-go city dwellers, Nomad’s Cream is a plant-based cleanser to detox the skin from environmental stressors, build-up, makeup, and dirt. An extract from the konjac potato gently exfoliates dead skin, while coconut oil restores hydration. Willow Bark acts as a natural preservative while our special blend of oils gives a soothing scent.

    Paradisi Mist (30ml)
    This essence is the ultimate treat for tired skin, infused with natural ingredients to counteract fatigue and bestow an instant glow. With a mix of blended oils and rejuvenating botanical ingredients, this mist can help skin rebalance itself on dehydrating flights and jetlagged complexions.

    Skin Mud (35g)
    Consider it your 5-minute facial: this problem-solving mask is formulated to reverse damage caused by stress and pollution and rescue thin, worn-out complexions. Kaolin helps to detoxify the skin, while vitamin C brightens and coconut oil nourishes. Frankincense gives a calming scent so you can have your Zen moment as you mask.

    Magic Drops (20ml)
    This therapeutic all-natural serum is powerful yet lightweight, formulated to be both the first line of defense against ‘pollu-aging’ and the last thing the skin should be blanketed with. A botanical cocktail of oils including olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and our own blend, you can be your own at-home alchemist to create a bespoke blend that addresses the ever-changing needs of your skin. Add a drop or two to your favorite moisturizer or foundation or use on its own for an intensive treatment by warming 2- 4 drops between your fingertips and pressing directly into skin

    Little Wonder (8g)
    A do-everything balm, this multi-purpose salve is packed with natural emollients to nourish chapped skin and lips, cracked cuticles and any dry patches. Massage it over any part of the skin, particularly the lips, laugh lines, and around the eyes at night. Counteract winter chill by placing some on dry elbows and cuticles. In the summer, massage it on skin to soothe sunburns. Add a light sheen to the skin by dabbing on top of your cheekbones or tame flyaway strands by dabbing a tiny amount on hair.

  • What’s Not In It