Eclectic Dreams

Our extended vision is to collaborate with a rotating collective from different cultures and countries. We want DAMDAM to be a home for independent artists, artisans, and creatives.

  • Monica Zobel Urquijo

    The Madrid-based artist is a pedigreed free spirit: She comes from one of the most prominent families in her native Philippines, but Monica’s free-wheeling, psychedelic art belies her rarefied upbringing. Her globetrotting bohemian soul is evident in the artwork she created for DAMDAM – a slice of the DAMDAM paradise we’re sharing as a small gift to our customers.

    Read more about Monica here.

    We are gifting a print of Monica’s work with every order of DAMDAM.

  • Canaan

    Canaan Bali was conceived as a dwelling place for artisans, craftspeople, and creative individuals. Founder Emmelyn Gunawan supports Balinese craft villages and advocates for preserving techniques perfected over generations and local craft traditions. Located within the grounds of the chic Katamama Hotel and adjacent to Potatohead in the heart of Seminyak, this collective belongs to the hip PTTFamily group.

    Learn more about our collaboration here.

  • Julia Abe

    Girl-of-the-moment Julia Abe grew up in Brazil before moving to Tokyo at age 15. The Brazilian-Japanese model also moonlights as an artist, exhibiting her manga-inspired work in Tokyo. A fan of natural beauty products, this multi-ethnic, multi-talented beauty is our poster girl for DAMDAM.

    Read more about Julia here.

    See the entire spread with Julia here.

  • Palo Santo Studios

    Founded by Cassie Ebner, Palo Santo Studios is a creative agency based in Los Angeles. They represent designers, artists, and concepts;  breathing life into ideas and giving form to a unique vision. Palo Santo Studios bring together like-minded creators under one roof, providing a platform and a voice for collective creative movements.

    Read more about Cassie here.

    See Palo Santo Studios’ work for DAMDAM here.

  • AMMA

    AMMA is the brainchild of British couple Josie and George Warren, Sri Lankan transplants from England. AMMA is a social enterprise which practices fair trade: They train and employ mothers in Sri Lanka’s central highlands to give them a living and a fair wage. They create beautifully colored toxic-free textiles using food waste and local plants – a gentle protest to unnecessary excess and synthetic products. The gentle colors produced by natural dyes change and adapt along with time and human touch. We collaborated with Josie, George, and their atelier of mothers to create special pouches for you to store your DAMDAM wares when you take them on your adventures.

    Read more about AMMA here.

    We are gifting DAMDAM x AMMA pouches with any purchase (until supplies last).

  • Patrick Stephan

    A longtime friend of ours, artist Patrick Stephan cut his teeth at John Galliano as a designer in Tokyo. Now back in Paris, he designs accessories crafted out of supple leather by his team of artisans in Japan. For DAMDAM, Patrick photographed and created a series of life-sized collage art pieces that reimagine the small, magical moments which make up the daily rituals of a DAMDAM girl.

    Read more about Patrick here.

    See the entire spread by Patrick here.

  • Maly Mann

    It’s no exaggeration nor is it a platitude to describe Maly as a woman of many hats. The film photographer, model, and artist is likely her own best muse as well. With a knack for the visual medium and an unaffected, artifice-free aesthetic, she serves both as advocate and an inspiration for DAMDAM.

    Read more about Maly here.

    See her work for DAMDAM here.