About us


Our philosophy is simple: Beauty should enhance your well-being, not compromise it. We want to remove toxic chemicals from your daily routine. Everything we apply to our skin is absorbed into our body so we want to feed the skin only with nourishing, not harmful, ingredients.

Our raw ingredients are ethically sourced from the biodiverse regions of Asia and other parts of the world. We combine this with clean technology to harness optimum results from natural ingredients making them balanced, stable, and consistent. All of our products are made in Japan where there is thoughtful attention to craftsmanship and a reverential culture around bathing and skincare.


We believe in the healing power of nature. Every ingredient in our formulation is natural and has a specific purpose. We do not use fillers or potentially toxic ingredients making each of our formulas safe, active, and potent.

Our formulas are created and tested by people. Since our products are formulated using only natural ingredients which are ready for human consumption, there is no need for animal testing.


We create our products with the intention of becoming part of your ritual for skin and soul. Self-care rituals should be restorative — a way to escape to a slower-paced world within a hectic city life. From our therapeutic scents to our collaborations with independent artists and artisans around the world, we want our products to be your window to a more conscious world.


DAMDAM is a Filipino word that means “sensation” or “conscious awareness.” Plus, it’s fun to say it out loud!


DAMDAM began as an idea that brewed in the kitchen of Giselle Go and Philippe Terrien in Tokyo, late 2015. It took two years to develop the products and in the fall of 2017, DAMDAM was born.

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